Maasai Beaded Bangle - Vivid Set of 6
Maasai Beaded Bangle and Bracelet on Curtain

Maasai Beaded Bangle | Vivid Set of 6

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The more, the merrier. Save when you buy 6 Maasai Beaded Bangles their traditional vivid colors. Wear them  singularly or all at once. It's like wearing a rainbow on your arm.

Ikumba's Iconic Maasai Beaded Bangle is available in a host of bright colors and two sizes. Our standard size has a 2.5" - 2.7" opening better suited for an adult female's hand size while the smaller 2" opening works great for the little ones in your life.

Every Maasai Beaded Bangle is handcrafted by the Namayiana Maasai Group in Ngong, Kenya for Ikumba Design Studios.

Colors and sizes may slightly differ. All sizes approximate.

Maasia hands are typically smaller than American hands so apply a little lotion to your hands before slipping on your bangle.

IkumbaStyle: Combine bracelets and bangles to use on curtains and drapes instead of tie backs

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