Bogolan Chocolate Favor Box
Bogolan Chocolate Favor Box

Bogolan Chocolate Favor Box

$ 9.00

The Bogolan Chocolate Favor Box inludes beautiful bite-sized squares engraved with  bogolanfini symbols originally createdin Mali. They are ideal as a cultural stocking stuffer, quick treat and make fabulous presents.

Each Box contains:

  • 6  bite-sized Bogolan chocolate pieces (6 different symbols per box - see possible symbols above)
  • Each box contains dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate,  mocha latte chocolate, bissap chocolate, moringa chocolate


  • Country of Origin: Ghana
  • Artisans: 57 Chocolate 
  • Dimensions: Box 3.5"
  • Flavors: 73% dark, 55% milk, white, mocha latte (white chocolate, coffee-flavored), bissap (white chocolate, hibiscus flavored), and moringa (white chocolate, moringa flavored).
  • Weight: 10 grams/piece
  • Engraved with symbols that originate from Mali.