Marlene's Must Haves

Decorative Paperweights

Sorry to be a little late with my Must Haves this week.  It's been a little challenging with returning from the Atlanta Market and selecting new products for the showroom.  My Must Have this week is decorative paperweights.  Yes, I said paperweights and there still is a practical use for them.

I love sitting out on the patio to work.  It's a covered patio, by the way, so I'm out there even when it's raining.  I live on the corner property, actually it's more of a curve, so I have a great view of the neighborhood.  Birds are chirping and Bruno, our dog, is having a great time chasing squirrels.  The only drawback is the occasional breeze or wind gust that creates disorder on my work surface and sends my papers flying.  Then it is decorative  paperweights to the rescue.

What is a paperweight?  A paperweight is a small solid object which is placed on top of papers to keep the papers from blowing in the breeze.  A paperweight, when placed on top of one or more sheets of paper, will prevent the paper(s) from moving.   Any small object, such as a cup or a stone, can serve as a paperweight, but decorative objects that have been created specifically for this purpose are much more to my liking.  

I have selected a few heart-shaped paperweights to be included in our Must Have Monday Flash Sale.  A larger selection can easily found using a keyword search for paperweights.




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