Together We Can Transform Lives

Welcome to the new home of Ikumba Design Studios and IkumbaStyle.  We've undergone quite a transformation and I hope that you will enjoy our new mission to transform your home, transform lives and transform the world through transformative shopping.

What is transformative shopping?  It is buying products that are artisan made, fair trade and make a direct economic impact to the idividual artisan or artisan community.  To do this Ikumba Design Studios has created Ikumba Artisan featuring hand crafted, artisinal products that are globaly sourced from artisans and artisan groups.  We have also partnered with Me to We.  Every  Me to WE product purchase gives a life-changing gift to a child or family in Free The Children’s partner communities, from school supplies to health care to alternative income opportunities and more.

And thanks to the Track Your Impact tool, you get a close-up look at where you gift was delivered and how it transforms a life. Each and every piece we showcase is curated by me and has a story behind it. Every month I will spotlight an artisan or artisan group so you can know the story behind our pieces and  see how your purchases can and will transform lives.

This holiday season why not give at least one gift that truly keeps on giving the gift of school supplies, access to clean water, healthy meals, financial tools and health care. It's just one small change that can transform a life.



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