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Nyansapo Ashanti Throne

$ 409.00

Kwadwo Antwi designs a magnificent stool centered by the legendary Nyansapo Adinkra symbol meaning "wisdom knot." Its significance implies that if one can undo a knot made by a wise person, then surely that person is just as wise, if not wiser than the knot maker. Antwi carves the tweneboa wood stool by hand with admirable artistry.

According to the long-standing customs of the Akan people, every person has their own stool, and no one can sit on it, for it is believed to contain the owner's personal power. Each stool is adorned with patterns to represent the owner's gender, social status and political orientation. When the owner dies the stool is turned sideways to avoid evil spirits sitting on them.

  • Country of Origin: Ghana
  • Dimensions: 17" H x 22.5" W x 12.5" D
  • Materials: Tweneboa wood