Malawi Gold Hot Sauce
Malawi Gold Hot Sauce

Malawi Gold Hot Sauce

$ 9.95

Malawi Gold Hot Sauce by Ukuva iAfrica is simply the best hot sauce in its class: built on a base of fresh vegetables: carrot, sweet potato, onions, garlic and coriander. The chilli (they use both fresh green Serrano and dried red), comes through hot - some say Malawi Gold is the hottest sauce in the Ukuva range.

Itt is intensely flavorful and delicious with has a mild, fragrant start, a snap in the middle and a lingering warmth that builds to quite an intensity. So, if the first bite of Malawi is mild, hang in there, it will warm up - promise!

  • Artisan Group: Turqle Trading
  • Country of Origin: South Africa
  • Fair trade

#IkumbaStyle: Paint onto chicken or pork, marlin or swordfish (or any oily gamefish) before grilling over open coals. Malawi is excellent on fresh pasta: Blend half a cup each of fresh coriander leaf, flat leaf parsley and olive oil - add a few drops of Malawi Gold and stir into fresh pasta.

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