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Elephant Quilt - Ikumba Design Studios - 2

Elephant Quilt

$ 169.00

This handmade quilt is created from a patchwork of colorful elephants, featuring hand stitching throughout. Made of 100% cotton in the traditional appliqué design, each quilt is unique.  Please allow for variation in color and pattern. 

Elephants hold a special place in the mythology of India. They have been prominent in the culture since the Indus Valley civilization (2500 - 500 BC) and appear frequently in the folklore. Their relevance continues to be strong throughout India and no household is complete without several elephants, placed strategically to bring good fortune.

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Dimensions: 54" x 84" inches (Each is unique, please allow for variation.)
  • Materials: 100% Cotton

*Please note that the cotton fabric is more of a burlap texture and not soft cotton.